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    WLED  Addressable  Strip Controller


    ESP32-WROOM-32E Chipset

    2 Channels

    I2S PDM Digital Microphone Built in 

    IR Remote Control (optional)


    Input: 5V-24V

    MaxLoad: 16 A

    16A Relay Switch

    Strip types support: WS2812B WS2811 WS2813 WS2815 SK6812 TM1814 APA102 WS2801 LDP8806 GS8208




    • Button(GPIO0)
    • Relay(GPIO2)
    • DATA1(GPIO18)
    • DCLK1(PGIO5)
    • DATA2(GPIO17)
    • DCLK2(PGIO16)
    • IR(GPIO25)
    • I2S_SDPIN(GPIO32 )
    • I2S_WSPIN(GPIO15 )
    • I2S_CKPIN(-1)



    Official WLED firmware does't support Sound Effective and Default infrared HEX Codes does not match our Remote control properly, Upgrade Official firmware will lose Sound Effects and IR functions.  To build your own firmware please reference source code of our version on Github




    The device firmware uses DATA1 (GPIO18) as the DATA of the WS281X type light strip by default. If you have other types of light strips, please set it on the setting page according to your actual situation


    WLED ESP32 Music Addressable LED Strip Controller

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    24,85$Prix promotionnel
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